Kazuko Miyamoto. Sol Lewitt.

by florence cheval

Kazuko Miyamoto, Untitled, String Construction, Installation at 597 Broadway, New York, 1978

For a long time, Kazuko Miyamoto and Sol LeWitt had their studio in the same building on Broadway in SoHo where they originally met in 1969. Since then they have shared a great personal friendship and artistic affinity.
In honor of LeWitt’s recent passing, Miyamoto reconstructed Walldrawing 815 as part of her exhibition at Exile, Berlin. As she has collaborated with and worked for LeWitt for many past decades she is one of the artist’s assistants most familiar with his work and method.
Wall Drawing 815 was chosen by Miyamoto as it is the only Wall Drawing by LeWitt that only consists of string and nails; materials that are particularly relevant to her artistic process.

WD 815: Thirty points connected to one another
Common 2” nails, cotton masonline
Drawn by: Kazuko and Eizan Miyamoto
Exile Berlin, April 2009

Kazuko Miyamoto is currently exhibiting at Exile, Berlin: “Kazuko Miyamoto: Live End Dream No”